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Photography and Tours.

Taynuilt, Near Oban, Argyll, Scotland.



Social Media Policy

Shutter Release is committed to embracing modern methods of communication and sharing information. However, we also understand that some modern methods of communication require regulation so that they can be more effective. We ask all our employees to read and understand social media policies listed below thoroughly. We expect all the employees of Shutter Release to behave responsibly on social media and treat all people with respect.

Shutter Release's Values
The company launched in March 2023 and we strongly value all our employees. We are committed to ensuring everyone associated with what we do is happy and finds value in our tours and experiences.  Our key values are integrity, fairness, equality and transparency. We believe that our employees can uphold these values by behaving responsibly on social media.

Social media policy

  • Every employee should be careful when using social media and consider the effects of their actions on other people.
  • Every employee should be watchful when sharing and posting private information on social media. Be cautious about identify theft ad phishing.
  • Respect the privacy and confidentiality of the company and all its employees.  Avoid sharing financial data and other legal information of the company on personal social media accounts.
  • Always explain that whatever you post on social media about the company are your personal views unless you have authority to do so.

Social media usage at the workplace
Shutter Release encourages all its employees to avoid using social media at the workplace unless when doing something related to their duties. Excessive use of social media at the workplace affects productivity and such behaviours are unacceptable.

Employees and members of the public are encouraged to contact the company either on 07720889811 or by email if they have any concerns or questions about Shutter Releases social media policies.